How our Simple Maintenance Package Works

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Customized Maintenance Packages
Simple Billing & Payment Options
Planned Quarterly Visits
Vetted Service Technicians
Hassle-Free Scheduling
Historical Maintenance Records

Simply Expect the Best From Us

We are picky about who we hire. We perform extensive background checks, invest in training, and certify our Maintenance and Service Techs before they ever enter your home. Learn more about our hiring standards.

We Customize Our Service to Your Needs

 You get to choose what services are included in your custom package based off of what’s important to you.

Routine Visits You Can Count On

 Many of the items that we maintain require ongoing attention. We schedule convenient maintenance visits based on the items you’ve selected for your home package.

Available Services for Your Home Package:


Prevent Emergencies

  • Clean Dryer Vents and Flex Hose
  • Check & Maintain Electrical Systems (Includes Minor Repairs)
  • Test/Replace Batteries in CO + Smoke Detectors
  • Gas Leak Testing
  • Test Emergency Shutoff Valves and water connections
  • Inspect Water Seals: tubs, toilets, showers, tubs, and other water fixtures
  • Attic/crawl space inspections
  • Maintain the Electrical and Water connections to appliances

Cost Savings & Efficiency

  • HVAC service and maintenance
  • Water Softener Maintenance & Refill Salt
  • Weather Stripping
  • Inspect Window Seals, Glass, and Screens
  • Clean bathroom fans
  • Flush & Maintain Water Heater
  • Inspect & Clean Drains
  • Clean/Sharpen Garbage Disposal

Simple Healthy Home

  • Lubricate hinges, and tracks
  • Adjust cabinet doors & eliminate slamming doors
  • Adjust door knobs and locks
  • Service garage doors
  • Change light bulbs
  • Maintain toilets
  • Maintain faucets and showers
  • Maintain: water purification systems, refrigerator filters, and RO filters
  • Hose bibs and silcocks

Maintenance vs. Projects

There is a difference between performing home maintenance (included) and a project (not included). A project is something that requires additional materials, planning, or specific qualifications and is outside of the scope of our maintenance packages. For projects that come up, we are able to provide you with vetted contractors and handymen to assist you in that matter.

To make it simple, we have a complete detailed list of our home maintenance services. 

Your Projects Are Simple Too

If you have a project that is outside of our Simple Maintenance Package, we are here for you. We have vetted contractors in our St. George community to help ensure they represent our standard of quality. We are happy to act as your project manager for any project you wish to create.

We will assist you with:

Quoting the project

We know what’s really needed for your project and for what price and can guide you to fair pricing.

Final Inspection

We will review the final state of your project and act as your advocate if needed.

Making introductions

Your Member Advocate will make personal introductions to your project team.

As your Simple Solution, there is no additional charge in being your project advocate.

We’re happy to help.

Simply Happy Customers

"Simple Home Maintenance is awesome! It really saves me time and effort. Simple Home Maintenance is exactly what my wife and I had been looking for. I will refer everyone I know."

- Anthony L.

"We have no regrets! Simple Home Maintanence is the most valuable resource we have EVER purchased. Simple Home Maintanence has completely surpassed our expectations."
- Ellen H.

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