We are delighted that you are considering Simple Home Maintenance to be your home maintenance provider. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

Your Safety Comes First

We ensure that you will know exactly who is coming to your home before they arrive. We will always communicate this to you in advance by sending you a bio with our team members’ name and photo. In addition, we take extra care in choosing who we hire to ensure that anyone that enters your home has a clear background and is properly trained. Learn more about our hiring standardsYou can also count on us to offer to wear masks to protect you and your home from the spread of COVID. Read more about our COVID protocol.

Introduction to Your Member Advocate

During your first visit, you will meet your Member Advocate. This individual will be your point person with Simple Home Maintenance as we start to perform your home maintenance services.

This special relationship offers you an individual that knows the details about your home, what services are to be performed and provides you with a person to contact directly when you have questions, concerns, or want to add services to your maintenance package.

Let’s Build Your Custom Maintenance Package

We recognize that every home is different and the maintenance requirements are unique. As a result, we tailor your maintenance package to you. Your Member Advocate will walk through the services we offer and build a maintenance package that meets your needs and budget.

Get Started

When you and your Member Advocate find the perfect fit, we will prepare an estimate that reflects your desired services. You will then review your contract with your Member Advocate, and if you agree, provide your signature. (Don’t worry, the contract allows you to cancel at any time if life changes and you no longer need the service). Finally, you will provide a deposit for your first service, so that we could proceed with purchasing the necessary materials, supplies and create your maintenance schedule.

Scheduling Your First Maintenance Visit

The first step we take to maintain your home is to gather all of the important information about the equipment that is in your maintenance package. This way, we can purchase the right materials and bring the right tools to ensure your home maintenance goes perfectly every time. This will take your Member Advocate about an hour to perform. Though you will need to be available if there are questions, you won’t have to walk the house with the Member Advocate. With your home information in hand, our team gets to work. We will acquire the materials and supplies needed for your home. Once we have the materials, we will call you to schedule your first maintenance service.


I’m Ready for a Quote (If I’m Not Already Scheduled for One)

Call us at 435-900-7675 (SMPL) to schedule your in-home quote today or visit our Contact Page to send us a message.