We know our people well so that you are safe and receive a quality service every time. This is but a simple way of demonstrating how we care.

Our Investment In Knowing Our Team

Your safety is the most important consideration in our service. We are picky about who we choose to work at Simple Home Maintenance because we trust them to enter your home. Our proactive hiring/training process is intended to provide you with the best technicians to uphold our caring culture.

Background Checks

We perform a full background check before any person becomes a team member of Simple Home Maintenance. Any criminal activity or substance abuse situations are disqualified. Also, we re-run their background checks annually to ensure there aren’t any current circumstances to consider.

Random Drug Screening

We uphold a drug-free work environment by testing team members before being hired and randomly throughout the year. We uphold a zero-tolerance for any mind-altering illegal substances.

Ongoing Member Feedback

We ask our members for feedback after every service visit to their homes. This feedback allows us to know our techs through our members’ perspectives, invest in additional training where it’s needed, and identify feedback trends that help us determine if our tech is a perfect fit for our culture.

A Continuous Investment in Training

Our team members receive comprehensive training, certification, and ongoing training at Simple Home Maintenance.

Initial Training

When a new team member joins Simple Home Maintenance, they enter a training phase. Our training program includes a series of videos, quizzes, tests, and shadowing to ensure every tech is properly trained on the services we provide, our safety-minded culture, and our way of providing service.


For new techs to enter your home, they must pass a comprehensive, closed-book certification with a 95% passing score or better.

Ongoing Training

We invest in our team with ongoing training in safety, best practices, and performance reviews. Our members’ feedback provides our leadership with the tools needed to ensure you receive the best service every time. Because we believe in a continuous improvement culture, our service will only get better as we go.

Are You Ready to Make Your Home Maintenance Simple?

If you’re not already a member, now’s the time to be proactive with your home maintenance and save money with increased efficiency, effectiveness, and fewer failures that can cause damage to the rest of your home.

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