Preventative Home Maintenance Package

The Smart, Proactive, and Preventative Approach to Simple Home Maintenance


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We Help You Prevent Water Damage

Ask any insurance adjuster what causes damage, and they will tell you to follow the water. Without a doubt, water causes the most damage to homes. One spill can get into the smallest cracks, wick up walls, and grow mold that causes illness. The repairs are costly, but the worry and time spent in recovering from a water intrusion seem endless.

Though there are extraordinary situations, most water intrusions can be avoided completely. At Simple Home, we fix situations before they become problems:

  • Waterproofing rooms with a water source by sealing cabinets, counters, and tile (Part of the Simple Maintenance Package)
  • Adjusting water pressure and valves regularly (Part of the Simple Maintenance Package)
  • Installing smart water sensors around any water source in the home and being the first to know if water ever leaks (Additional Equipment Required – See Below)

Simple Water Prevention Package

Our Water Prevention Package utilizes technology that senses if there is water in places it shouldn’t be. If so, it turns it off and then notifies you and our emergency team that there is a water intrusion so that we can help you fix the problem and turn back on the water.

  • Starting at $499 (Equipment installed, software setup, and system tested)

  • Pricing depends on the number of water sources in your home.

  • Your Service Tech will install, test, and configure the technology.

  • You and our Simple Emergency Team are alerted if a leak is ever detected.

We Also Help You Prevent Fires

Most fires can be prevented with our Simple Maintenance Package.

Here’s what we do to ensure your home is safe:

  • Test electrical outlets, switches, and boxes
  • Clean out dryer vents
  • Service HVAC unit(s)

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