For those who like to know the details, we like to be transparent. 


To simplify our scope of service, it’s easiest if we break it into categories:

Maintaining Appliances & Systems

We maintain your appliances, water heaters, water softener, reverse osmosis system and HVAC systems your package.


Replacements such as filters, light bulbs, switches, faceplates, and GFIs are included while replacing items like your water heater, HVAC unit, water faucet, or doorknob are not and will need to be handled like a project.


We take care of most repairs and adjustments for you. Adjusting your windows, doors, locks, faucets, toilets, and cupboard doors are examples of repairs and adjustments that are included in your service.



Major adjustments that require additional materials, planning, or specific qualifications, like repairing a roof, a large hole or crack in drywall, or repairing your A/C or HVAC unit are examples of scope that falls outside of our range. These are as projects to be estimated.


Most additions to your home will be considered a project to be estimated.

Project Scope

An item is handled like a project if it requires specific qualifications, additional materials, or planning to perform. If this is the case, we will help you estimate, manage, and approve the project using only verified contractors. This service is included with your membership.

Materials Covered

 We keep things simple and therefore include most materials into our Simple Maintenance Package.

Every home is unique, and so are our clients. If you have specific requests/requirements for how your home is maintained, we will discuss those during our first visit and will order any parts so they are ready for your Simple Maintenance Visit.


Included in Pricing

• Salt for Water Softeners

• GFIs


• Outlets

• Standard LED Light Bulbs

• Any Lubricant

• Any Caulk

• Basic Faceplates

Custom Ordered & Charged at Cost

• Reverse Osmosis Filters

• Refrigerator Filters

Special Requested Materials

Any materials needed for specific estimated projects will be billed separately.

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